At Andal Building Technologies we create smart spaces to  connect people with their environment. We are specialists in applying Artificial Intelligence to all kinds of buildings to offer our clients  unique strategies capable of achieving the best comfort and energy savings.

Our highly qualified team designs, implements and programs all kinds of solutions to create smart buildings with the latest advances.

Temperature, lighting, energy consumption, security… All the comforts and advantages of a smart building with an improved experience.

Taking control of your home is in your hands.

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Thanks to our engineering service, we design and create technical and innovate solutions that allow us to take on complex projects to be efficient, sustainable and, above all, comfortable places.

The Business Information Modeling (BIM Methodology) has become our main ally. We count on a multidisciplinary team specialized in BIM services. This technology allows the project to be viewed in 3D and in real time before its construction, that makes it possible to save time and optimize resources to get the greatest precision.


We apply smart solutions of the highest quality to your home. Our priority is to make your home lifestyle easier.

Discover the best your home can be made for you.


At Andal Building Technologies we design, program and implement smart solutions to achieve great usability and comfort in all kinds of facilities such as businesses, hotels, educational centers, offices and even hospitals. 

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